I have seen over 5000 patients since starting my practice in 1988. Here is just a very small sampling of people sharing their positive results from our care.

Charles L.  “I had sharp back pains for 3 years that affected work and all other activities. I was taking 6 Ibuprofen 800 a day and still hurt. After visiting the chiropractor I noticed my back getting better each visit. It has now been over a month since I had to take any medications for my back. It has improved my lifestyle especially at work where I bend over constantly.”

Sara S.   “When I first came to Dr. Gruenenfelder I was having terrible pain in my neck up through the back of my head. My family doctor suggested a chiropractor. My neck started feeling better almost immediately. Sitting at my desk is no longer painful. The pain that radiated up to the back of my head is also gone. Over the years Dr. Gruenenfelder has helped me with my hurting hips and sinus trouble. When my sinuses are bad he can open them up and relieve some of the pressure. Now I go once a month and I can tell a difference if I miss one. I would highly recommend Dr. Gruenenfelder to anyone. Angie is a wonderful addition to his staff. She is always helpful if I need to change an appointment or make additional ones.

Richard C.   “ I was suffering from neck and back pain. Medications and home remedies did not help, so I tried chiropractic care and it has helped me by enabling me to work and perform all activities of daily living without pain. The benefits have greatly enhanced my lifestyle”.

Peggy P.  “I had lower back pain and numbness in my left leg and left arm that felt like a bee sting for 4 to 5 years. The   medical doctors couldn’t do much for me. They gave me ibuprofen and medications for blood pressure, cholesterol, and acid reflux. After seeing Dr. Gruenenfelder I have no more pain or numbness in my back, arm, or wrist. I can up and down and do my work without pain or medications. Now I only take a vitamin, fish oil and B-12.  I would recommend anyone to try chiropractic, and tell them they no longer have to live in pain. I no longer do”.

Josephine H.  “I had so much lower back pain it affected my whole lifestyle. I could only be up for about 30-45 minutes and then had to sit down and rest. My medical doctors only gave me meds that didn’t help and no home remedies worked either. I had 2 friends that had positive results from Dr. Gruenenfelder and recommended him and I am glad they did. I never dreamed that Chiropractic treatment would help as much as it did. I can now do many activities that I couldn’t before.” 

Hester B.   “I came in because I was having pain in the lower right side and back that went down my leg to the degree that hindered me from walking as I normally. I could hardly get up from sitting in a chair. I had previously been diagnosed with a cyst that was affecting the nerves. I had injections and physical therapy that eventually improved but the pain returned. The results from chiropractic care actually helped the pain sooner than I expected and gradually improved my ability to work and get up and down. Also the exercises have helped me to function with less pain and do things like get in and out of my car easier. Now I am taking no pain medication and have more strength in my legs. Compared to former treatments of pain medications and injections, this has given me the most relief.” 

Margie G.   “I was having pain in my neck and between my shoulders for about 3 weeks. I tried over the counter medications. After seeing Dr. Gruenenfelder a few times the pain is gone, and I no longer take any medications. It is great to know a great chiropractor in our town”

Leslie W.  “I wrenched my back trying to pick up a piece of firewood that was frozen to the ground. I tried heat for a couple days but it got to where I couldn’t get out of my chair at work and could barely walk by the time I called Dr. Gruenenfelder’s office. Ibuprofen, heat and ice were not working and I knew from past experience that my medical doctor would give me muscle relaxers and pain pills. I wanted to get to the cause of the problem. After 2 weeks of chiropractic care I was able to resume normal activities. I was still a little slower but the muscle building exercises continued to produce daily improvements. I feel noticeably better, and my back is much stronger than it ever was. I can now hike and walk without pain and enjoy a healthier lifestyle. The doctor and staff are very empathetic to their patients and educate us so we can take better care of ourselves. I never wanted to resort to drugs which mask pain and don’t allow you to heal. I am very glad we have this benefit available.”

Astel R.  “I have a lifelong history of migraine headaches. Then on January 24, 2016 I was involved in a vehicle accident that made them worse and also caused a neck sprain. I had to miss work at times, could not concentrate on work at could not enjoy daily activities because of pain. I also had many sleepless nights with headaches, neck pain and lower back pain and stiffness. I had tried many, many remedies for pain in the past including prescription medications, OTC gels and rubs, hot and cold therapy. The medical doctors also sent me to physical therapy. These things had little to no effect. When I started with Dr. Gruenenfelder I felt some relief the very first visit. After the 2nd and 3rd visits not only was my neck pain better, but my headaches were much better too. Now after several treatments I have no neck pain, and very seldom have a headache. I can sleep thru the night and feel so much better at my job. I no longer take prescription or OTC pain meds. I can now manage to bend over to tie my shoes. I feel I can do more physical activity to better my overall health. Being pain free makes every day better. I cannot thank the staff and Dr. Gruenenfelder enough for always being exceptionally kind and caring.”

Marvin M.  “I had severe lower back pain which kept me from work and most of my other activities. I took pain pills like popcorn. I tried moist heat, dry heat, ice packs and a massager and got very little relief. After 3 visits my pain was reduced from an 8 to a 2 on a scale from 0-10. I was able to continue my regular work and suffered very little pain. I had 3 more treatments and could not tell I ever had any pain. I have taken no more pain pills and I am able to smile instead of frown from pain. I would recommend Gruenenfelder Chiropractic to anyone.”

Kim M.  “I had lower back pain on the right side for about 2 ½ weeks. I could not function very well or sleep good.  I first just tried taking ibuprofen for the pain which didn’t help very well. I went to the medical doctor and got a shot for muscle spasms and pain. Still not much help. The Dr. suggested I try a chiropractor.  After chiropractic care the pain in my lower back is gone, and I’m able to get around much better and sleep without it waking me up. Dr. Rob has also helped my neck pain which sometimes would cause me to have headaches. It also helped my sinus problem. I breathe a lot better. I would recommend trying Dr. Rob and his staff.

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